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Compliance Policy And Documentation Services

We specialize in regulatory compliance, compliance policy and documentation services we also provide objective insights, subject expertise, and a simple approach to all your compliance-related needs. Our diversified client base spans start-ups to mature businesses. We partner with our clients to serve all their compliance needs from the initial phase to ongoing support, training, audit, risk management, and governance


Our team works closely with all stakeholders throughout the process to ensure seamless service. Clients who intend to conduct regulated business need to obtain the relevant licenses from local regulators. We advise and guide financial institutions such as fund managers, financial advisers, insurance brokers, trust managers and payment services providers on the respective licensing requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

We Can Assist The Corporation With The Following :

  • Advising on the specific license requirements
  • Advising on regulatory capital requirements
  • Assisting in preparation and submission of application forms
  • Negotiate license conditions with authorities
  • Preparation of all documentation relating to Operations, Corporate Governance and Risk Management obligations
  • Liaising with local Regulators on all related matters

We Can Assist Each Responsible Officer And Licensed Representative By:

  • Advising on competency requirements and on available waivers (where applicable)
  • Assistance to complete and prepare the CVs of licensed representatives
  • Liaising with the authorities on the assessment of the ‘fit and proper’ test of licensed representatives

Policy & Procedure

Our team works closely with all stakeholders throughout the process to ensure seamless service. Compliance policy and procedure documents are the foundation of any compliance program, both in terms of organization and management of said program. These documents facilitate compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards, and provide for a basis to which the controls put in place are monitored and tested regularly to ensure effectiveness, as mentioned below. In many cases, failure to comply with policy requirements can lead to significant fines and penalties. Our team has the relevant expertise and depository to develop well-designed and comprehensive policies and procedures to protect organizations from increasingly rigorous legal and regulatory constraints while reinforcing a culture of compliance, and ongoing monitoring.

We Can Assist Clients To Develop Or Improve Policies And Processes For The Following:

  • Compliance Manuals
  • Compliance plans
  • Risk management frameworks
  • Corporate Social Governance policies and parameters
  • Operational manuals
  • AML policies and procedures
  • Export compliance program
  • Employees Handbooks and Code of ethics
  • Business continuity plans and
  • Internal control documents

Corporate Compliance

We provide all aspects of services for companies to access the market, establish their business and support their ongoing compliance with various statutory bodies.

Market Entry

When entering new markets and assessing the competitive or regulatory landscape, you can rely on We for comprehensive intellect and in-depth knowledge to assist you in making the right strategic decisions.Once the decision is made, we act to set up your business.

Accounting & Payroll

We ensure that you are complying with accounting standards and payroll-related requirements. We assist you to develop standard processes to put internal controls in place in order to ensure there are no threats and information is delivered with accuracy and transparency.

We provide the full spectrum of accounting and payroll-related services including Accounting and Bookkeeping, Financial Consolidation, Financial Statutory Reporting and Payroll Services

Ongoing Compliances

We assist clients to ensure the compliance with local corporate regulatory requirements. Our services include being appointed as your company secretary, preparation and maintenance of Company Memorandum and Articles, Statutory registers, Company meetings, Annual filings and reporting.

Tax Compliances

Tax compliance across different jurisdictions is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. Tax authorities from various jurisdictions have been actively collaborating to ensure equitable assignment of taxable profit for cross-border transactions. It is important that companies engage in comprehensive tax planning to optimize tax savings and mitigate risk.

We have expertise to serve clients with domestic and global multi-tax compliance services including tax incentives each jurisdictions offers. We assist clients on various tax matters including Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, International Tax Advisory, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Transfer Pricing and Withholding Taxes.

Bespoke Services

We provide services designed to deliver custom made solutions for our clients.

We ensure that our services are bespoke, cutting edge and practical for all users and ultimately meet our client’s individual unique needs.