Risk Management

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Company Risk Management Services

We help organizations streamline, identify and build the necessary internal controls. Our team will work with your management to identify the relevant risk factors or Key Risk Indicators to implement risk management strategies. We work to enhance internal control environments, identify process inefficiencies and reduce long-term compliance costs by monitoring and managing risks material to your business based on your risk profile, capital and liquidity needs.

As part of our ongoing compliance, or even as a separate service on its own, we do the following:

  • Set the tone from the top, to inculcate the appropriate culture or risk awareness throughout your business.
  • Identify the adequate risk appetite and corresponding framework to tally with your business strategy.
  • Review your risk profile, risk tolerance and risk strategy on a periodical basis, or as and when necessary.
  • Implement a Risk Management System to identify, measure, evaluate, monitor, report & control or mitigate your key risks regularly.

An example of the essentials:

  • Conducting in-depth reviews of your business’s exposure to material risks, including credit, market, underwriting, liquidity, country, interest rate, legal, compliance fraud, reputational, strategic, regulatory & operational.
  • We take into account your macroeconomic circumstances prior to establishing and implementing your risk management processes.
  • We ensure independence of your risk management function.
  • We help you conduct stress tests commensurate with your risk profile, as well as establishing business continuity and adequate delegation of responsibility.